Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Trendy Cosmetics of the year!

Cover girl has been here for many years with their new products such as their new lipstick smoochies lip balm.Cover girl has probably increased and has attracted new young buyers.I would probably wear this balm but i would chose a darker color for my skin tone. you could wear this at a date or a dinner or at a party or at school
get while u can. From a scale to 1-10 i would this product 7. You can buy it at Walgreen's ,Rite-Aid,Cvs or beauty supply store. or if your to busy to walk out side go online

Baby lips is a whole other story. Baby lips can make your go from chapt to soft. Baby lips has come in most colors.
From a scale from 1-10 i would give this product a 9 1/2. I would say this product is good for anywhere dinner party school anywhere. you can buy at your local drug store and online at
eos balms is like the same thing as maybelline but smells Delicious. i would give this a 91/2 on a scale as well because it has the same result as the baby lips. u can buy at your local drug store or online

                                                             That concludes my talking for the day        
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  1. Baby chaps look so cute! Following you now :)